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Creative Stone has now moved its head office to Lot 3 Estuary Drive, Bunbury. We can offer a 7 day a week sales and service.

We are now in position to handle any volume at anytime without compromising the quality of our product.

We have also added spoon drains, limestone letter boxes, curbing to our product range.


Important Information
  Colour Variation
Whilst every effort is made to supply our range of reconstituted limestone products consistent with samples, variation will occur naturally within a production run and with each production run of products. This will not detract from the overall finished project as all stone products vary slightly in shade and colour. SouthWest Creative Stone’s reconstituted limestone coloured products may show slight differences in colouration. Natural weathering will also cause the colours to vary over time. This is normal for all stone products.

Ordering Product
When ordering product, we recommend that all required items are ordered and delivered at once to ensure maximum colour consistency as colours can vary slightly between batches.

Some minor chipping and breakage can occur during the delivery, off loading and laying of paving products. It is recommended that the damaged product be used for cuts and infills. Breakages occuring before or during delivery should not exceed 5% of the complete order. If breakage during or before delivery is found to be in excess of 5% of the complete order, please contact SouthWest Creative Stone Pty Ltd immediately.

Drag Marks
Some occasional drag marks may occur on the face surface of pavers during the manufacturing process. All excessively deep and wide drag marks are removed, minor drag marks are not. These minor ‘drag marks’ are part of the product and will not detract from the overall appearance of installed paved surfaces.

The stated product sizes are nominal sizes only. Size variation may occur from time to time as a result of the manufacturing process. SouthWest Creative Stone’s products are within the dimensional tolerances specified in Australia/New Zealand Standards.

Occasionally various types of stains, blemishes or efflorescence may become visible after the completion of the works. Typically this staining or efflorescence is a powdery deposit that forms on the surfaces of building materials or coatings such as bricks, pavers, mortar, limestone blocks and concrete.

It is not recommended to clean the job until everything is finished and they will be no more dirt trampled over it. A good hose down and scrub with a brush should be sufficient to clean all the dirt off, however if the job is still stained when it has dried out we recommend that it be professionally cleaned.

This is the term used for a dark stain that sometimes appears on the surface of wet cast reconstituted limestone or concrete products. It is caused by moisture trapped in the surface of the product. These stains dry out over time but if they don’t seem to be drying out we suggest you get the job professionally acid cleaned as this allows the moisture to be released from the surface of the product for a more uniform finish.
Manufacturers of Quality Limestone Paving
Do you want to freight products or goods from Perth to Bunbury or anywhere in Western Australia?.Give us a call and we will make it happen for you.

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